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Simplex Spelling Advanced Phonograms

iPad screen shots

Application Icon.

Spelling "Australia" with incorrect capitalization and some misplaced letter positions.

Spelling "Australia". The hint feature maps each phoneme to its list of graphemes.

Spelling "Chaperone" with letter-by-letter feedback.

Spelling "Chaperone". The hint feature supplies grapheme lists and contextual spelling tips.

Spelling "diphthong". Letter-by-letter feedback illustrating incorrect letters.

Spelling "diphthong". Hint feature indicates the limited number of available choices for each speech sound, or phoneme in English.

Spelling "eucalyptus". Letter-by-letter, syllable division and syllable stress feedback is all provided.

Spelling "eucalyptus". First stage of hints display and phonemes are audibly played.

Spelling "eucalyptus". Second stage of hints shows the appropriate English graphemes.

The in-app help menu explains how all the different controls work.

Each spelling list begins with an lesson introduction. The audio lesson explains the topic being covered.

Spelling "phoneme" incorrectly provides letter-by-letter feedback.

Spelling "phoneme". The hint system plays individual phonemes then displays appropriate graphemes for each sound.

Many settings are provided to fit the user's individual needs.

The progress menu tracks individual stats for each user account.

Spelling "chalet".

Spelling "chalet". The hint system indicates when English spelling rules are broken.

Spelling "orchestra".

Spelling "orchestra". Illustrating the hint system.


iPhone screen shots

Spelling "anonymous" with letter-by-letter and syllable feedback.

Spelling "anonymous". The hint feature maps each phonemic sound to possible graphemes.

The in-app help screen explains how the different controls function.

An audio lesson introduces how the "ph" lesson can be used for the /f/ sound.

Choose from 52 available lessons at the Main Menu.

Spelling "nuisance". Letter-by-letter feedback, syllable breaks and stresses are given.

Spelling "nuisance". The hint system maps appropriate graphemes to each sound.

A variety of settings are available to fit the user's needs.

The progress screen automatically tracks stats for each individual user.

Positive feedback is provided upon completing each word.

Supports up to 40 user accounts.


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