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Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 Word Lists

The majority of the words for Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 were taken from the top 1000 most frequently occurring words in the English language, but does not include the Dolch words lists which are covered in our other spelling app Simplex Spelling HD. These high frequency words were then supplemented, where required, with additional other common English words based on word/spelling patterns to help enforce the concepts within each lesson.


top, not, on, onto, into, spot, to, go, icon, so

1] Short a (a)

bag, bad, sad, sat, hat, gas, act, band, camp

2] Short a (a)

fact, flat, sand, stand, past, glad, plan, plants, grant

3] Short o (o)

job, mop, hop, prop, drop, crop, gone, cost, lost, lot, slot, soft, loft

4] Short i (i)

bit, fit, hit, sip, tip, trip, list, win, kin, skin

5] Short u (u)

dug, rug, bug, bus, fun, gun, bun, sum, cup, plus, hunt, dust, rust, trust

6] Short e (e)

led, web, wet, met, yet, felt, held, west, rest, test

7] Short e (e)

pen, hen, den, end, send, spend, step, sent, spent, kept, else

8] Long a (a_e)

base, case, care, ape, cape, lane, late, rate, state, safe, scale, trade, waste

9] Long a (ai)

tail, rail, fair, gain, pain, paint, train, wait, aid, paid, laid, raid, afraid

10] Long a (ay)

bay, hay, lay, pay, pray, clay, stay, tray, railway, gray (grey*) (grey**)

11] Long o (o_e)

dove, drove, stove, broke, broken, joke, poke, pole, hole, hope, rope

12] Long o (o_e)

note, vote, close, close, nose, rose, spoke, stone, bone, tone, lone, alone

13] Long o (oa)

oats, oak, soak, soap, loaf, load, float, coast, toast, board

14] Long o (ow)

row, low, mow, bow, blow, slow, flow, glow, grown, crow

15] Long i (i_e)

dive, drive, live, alive, vine, fine, mine, nine, wipe, wise, rise

16] Long i (i_e)

pile, mile, tile, tide, wide, wife, wire, tire (tyre*), entire, side, inside

17] Long u (u_e)

cube, cute, mute, mule, fumes, fuse, muse, amuse

18] Long e (ee)

deep, feed, feel, free, fleet, meet, week, seem, seen, steel, speed

19] Long e (ea)

deal, eat, beat, heat, hear, ear, dear, fear, clear, ease, east, least

20] Long e (ea)

mean, meat, real, tea, pea, plea, flea, sea, seat, speak, steam, team, near, year

21] Short o (a)

wan, wand, wasp, swap, swan, swab, swat, salt, halt, false, talk, stalk

22] Double Letter Endings

hall, mall, wall, tall, till, bill, fill, fell, sell, shell

23] Floss Rule (Double Letter Endings)

miss, pass, less, dress, class, cross, across, fitness, cliff, stiff, staff, refill, install

24] sh

shop, ship, shape, shake, share, sheet, shut, rush, cash, crash, fresh, finish, publish

25] th

path, than, thin, thus, cloth, clothes, month, method, within, without, teeth, breathe, beneath

26] ck

kick, lick, tick, sick, sock, rock, neck, pack, truck, thick

27] qu

quiz, quit, quite, quilt, quick, queen, equal, square, liquid

28] ch

inch, rich, chin, chips, chop, chose, cheek, chest, chalk, bunch, brunch, lunch, speech

29] er

ever, river, silver, winter, enter, fiber (fibre*)(fibre**), meter (metre*)(metre**), member, chapter, rubber, teacher

30] tch

fetch, catch, match, patch, scratch, itch, ditch, witch, switch, ketchup

31] ng

sung, stung, clung, king, spring, string, strong, belong, living, length

32] ar

art, arm, bar, barn, star, yard, dark, sharp, farther, apart, apartment

33] or

nor, born, sort, short, shore, core, cord, corner, order, forth, forest

34] y ending

lady, tiny, body, copy, army, easy, enemy, empty, fifty, ability

35] Soft g

age, huge, page, stage, danger, charge, large, logic, giant, gigantic, gym

36] Soft c

force, cent, center (centre*) (centre**), city, citizen, ice, nice, face, race, space, dance, instance, recycle

37] x

fox, fix, mix, tax, taxi, exit, exam, extra, expect, exactly

38] oo

foot, book, cook, hook, shook, hood, stood, wool, woof, wooden

39] oo

zoo, zoom, boot, choose, cool, pool, tool, room, moon, noon, afternoon

40] ir

sir, stir, shirt, squirt, firm, chirp, circus, circle, birth, third, thirst

41] ur

burn, turn, return, occur, current, church, during, further, surface, surprise

42] y endings on words containing a soft c, or soft g

icy, spicy, policy, fancy, mercy, energy, allergy, analogy, apology, legacy, agency, strategy, democracy


* UK spelling.

** Canadian spelling