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Simplex Spelling Phonics 2 Word Lists

The majority of the words for Simplex Spelling Phonics 2 are taken from some of the most frequently occurring words in the English language, but excludes words which are covered in our other spelling apps Simplex Spelling HD and Simplex Spelling Phonics 1. These high frequency words were then supplemented, where required, with additional other common English words based on word/spelling patterns to help enforce the concepts within each lesson.


spelling, backspace, press, letter, correct, success, teacher, simply, divide, corner, clever

1] 3 letter minimum rule

inn, see, sea, add, egg, odd, sow, sew, low, guy, buy, bye, toe, owe, bee

2] Compound words

sunset, zigzag, pigpen, cobweb, cannot, armpit, popcorn, desktop, raindrop, rainbow, snowball, football, footstep, bookcase, pancake, handmade, homemade

3] Compound words

starfish, barnyard, backyard, birthday, maybe, grownup, uphill, windmill, password, crossword, crosswalk, itself, himself, herself, nobody, somebody, someone, something

4] Schwa ə

ago, alone, along, melon, dozen, cotton, control, contain, confront, color, compass

5] Schwa ə

today, together, pivot, pencil, polite, political, animal, capital, hospital

6] Long A open syllable

lazy, laser, baker, wafer, paper, taper, vapo (vapour*)(vapour**), favor (favour*)(favour**), major

7] Long A open syllable

navel, naval, nasal, basic, basin, bacon, bagel, label, labor (labour*) (labour**)

8] Long E open syllable

begin, beyond, below, beside, become, between, secret, create, even, fever, femur, female, feline, fealty, cedar

9] Long E open syllable

real, really, react, recent, regal, retail, repay, rebuild, remix, area

10] Long O open syllable

bony, pony, poem, ego, veto, halo, solo, solar, polar, local, focal, vocal

11] Long O open syllable

total, oval, over, oasis, robot, notice, program, reopen, also, potato, volcano

12] Long I open syllable

lion, tidy, slimy, idea, diet, diary, dial, trial, vial, vital, viral, virus, violin, viola, viper

13] Long I open syllable

spider, spiral, spinal, final, finest, finite, finance, sinus, silo, silent, liar, liner, lilac, tidal, titan, titanic

14] Long U open syllable

fuel, pupil, music, unit, unite, user, humid, human, humor (humour*) (humour**), formula, uniform, unicorn, universe, tribunal

15] U (oo) open syllable

ruin, ruby, tuna, lunar, ruler, judo, hula, tutu, lucid

16] u_e (oo)

tube, tune, prune, rule, assume, consume, conclude, solitude, deduce, produce, introduce, lute, flute, salute, resolute, absolute

17] Doubling consonants

diner, dinner, super, supper, later, latter, ruder, rudder, filer, filler, tiler, tiller, cuter, cutter, riper, ripper

18] Short I (y)

cyst, myth, mystery, crypt, cryptic, crystal, typical, symbol, system, acronym

19] Long I (y)

by, cry, shy, sky, style, type, try, retry, rely, deny

20] Long I (y)

reply, imply, apply, supply, nearby, lullaby, typify, simplify, notify, unify, qualify, justify, magnify, mystify

21] Silent e syllable

apple, title, little, bottle, candle, handle, needle, giggle, able, cable, table, possible

22] Silent e syllable

simple, middle, startle, buckle, tickle, purple, castle, puzzle, article, bicycle, syllable

23] No U endings

cue, due, sue, rue, hue, true, glue, clue, pursue, argue, value, venue, avenue, revenue

24] No U endings

fondue, virtue, accrue, subdue, statue, rescue, continue, barbecue

25] No V endings

save, wave, brave, live, live, arrive, survive, creative, dove, love, shove, above

26] No V endings

serve, nerve, curve, carve, starve, move, remove, prove, improve

27] No V endings

leave, heave, weave, sleeve, olive, active, motive, native, cursive, twelve, solve, resolve, involve, forgive, forgave

28] No I endings

lie, tie, pie, magpie, dry, glorify, modify, multiply, satisfy, occupy

29] Short E (ea)

head, ahead, bread, spread, sweat, sweater, thread, breath, breadth, health, heavy, ready, steady, instead, leather, weather

30] Long E (ie)

field, yield, shield, piece, priest, chief, brief, belief, relief, believe, achieve

31] Long E (ie)

diesel, brie, movie, collie, calorie, goalie, prairie, eerie, cashier

32] ou

our, hour, about, loud, cloud, found, sound, pound, compound, round, ground, surround

33] ou

noun, pronoun, pronounce, lounge, crouch, vouch, voucher, south, thousand, without, outside, outline, outcome

34] Silent E singular

house, mouse, horse, cheese, tease, lapse, dense, false, loose, nurse, purse, verse, louse, rinse, raise, choose

35] ow

owl, now, vow, how, bow, cow, cower, gown, town, clown, crown, brown, brow, browse, drowse, drown, down, downfall, downhill

36] ow

crowd, flower, power, powder, tower, towel, vowel, allow, endow, somehow, however

37] oi

oil, foil, boil, coil, soil, spoil, toil, toilet, turmoil, coin, join, joint, point, appoint, ointment

38] oi

poise, poison, noise, moist, moisture, moisturize (moisturise*) (moisturise**), choice, voice, invoice, loiter, exploit, void, avoid, devoid, avoidable, asteroid

39] oy

toy, soy, joy, enjoy, envoy, convoy, boy, boycott, coy, decoy, destroy, alloy, annoy

40] oy

ploy, deploy, employ, employee, employer, loyal, loyalty, royal, royalty, oyster, voyage, voyager

41] Long I (igh)

might, tight, airtight, thigh, high, height, right, upright, copyright, bright, brighten

42] Long I (igh)

fight, fright, frighten, sigh, sight, insight, eyesight, nigh, night, tonight, midnight, fortnight, overnight

43] Long I (igh)

blight, plight, slight, flight, light, sunlight, delight, daylight, twilight, enlighten, highlight

44] dge (j)

edge, wedge, ledge, dredge, dodge, lodge, dislodge, badge, budge, judge, judgement

45] No J endings

wage, range, strange, change, exchange, image, damage, manage, village, college, challenge, message, average, advantage

46] No J endings

nudge, fudge, grudge, trudge, smudge, sludge, ridge, bridge, fridge, porridge, cartridge

47] kn (n)

knew, know, known, knot, knob, knoll, knock, knee, kneel, knelt, knead

48] kn (n)

knit, knitting, knife, knight, knave, knuckle, knap, knapsack, knack, knickknack

49] n (ng)

bank, blank, rank, drank, sank, tank, thank, ankle, ink, pink, rink, drink, sink, shrink, blink, think, rethink

50] n (ng)

zinc, sync, distinct, trunk, junk, uncle, jungle, hunger, finger, single, mingle, angle, bangle, mangle, tangle, anger, anguish

51] wh

why, wheat, wheel, whale, while, whether, white, whither, whisper, whisk, whisker, whimper, whistle

52] wh

when, whenever, where, anywhere, whereby, nowhere, somewhere, what, whatever, whatsoever, which, whichever

53] wr (r)

wry, awry, wrote, write, writhe, writer, songwriter, written, wring, wrung, wrong, wrist, wrap, wrath

54] wr (r)

wreath, wreathe, wreak, wreck, wreckage, shipwreck, wren, wrench, wretch, wrinkle, wrangle, wriggle, wrest, wrestle


* UK spelling.

** Canadian spelling.