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Simplex Spelling - Advanced Phonograms Word Lists

The majority of the words used in "Simplex Spelling - Advanced Phonograms" are taken from the most frequently occurring words that appear for each phonogram being taught. These high frequency words were then supplemented, where required, with additional other common English words based on word/spelling patterns to help enforce the concepts within and between each lesson. The lessons covered in "Simplex Spelling - Advanced Phonograms" focus on phonograms that have not been previously covered in Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 & Phonics 2. The content in "Advanced Phonograms" builds on the material already covered in Phonics 1 & 2.


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1] Long o (oe)

foe, floe, hoe, doe, roe, woe, throes, oboe, aloe, toe, tiptoe, toenail, mistletoe, pekoe

2] Long a (ea)

great, steak, break, breaker, tear, pear, wear, swear, bear, bearer, forbear

3] Long i that appears before 2 consonants

wild, mild, child, grandchild, stepchild, wind, rewind, bind, blind, find, kind, mankind, mind, remind, mastermind, hind, behind, rind, grind, pint, climb

4] Long o that before 2 consonants

old, cold, sold, scold, told, fold, hold, gold, poll, roll, troll, scroll, jolt, bolt, colt, molten, most, post, host, both

5] Short o (au)

audit, audible, audibly, author, augment, auto, automatic, autumn, applaud, applause, astronaut

6] Short o (au)

sauna, saunter, sauce, gauze, pause, cause, clause, caught, daughter, taught, taut, laundry

7] Short o (aw)

jaw, raw, thaw, law, lawn, paw, pawn, prawn, spawn, yawn, dawn, hawk, squawk, bawl, brawl, crawl, sprawl, shawl

8] Short o (aw)

saw, jigsaw, sawdust, straw, strawberry, draw, drawback, withdraw, outlaw, claw, flaw, flawless, awe, awestruck

9] Nouns person

Joe, Ryan, Jacob, Emily, Madison, Jefferson, Edison, Mandela, Elizabeth, Churchill

10] Nouns place

America, Canada, England, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, Washington, Nile, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, China, Japan

11] Nouns day/month

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

12] Contractions

it's, it'll, who's, that's, can't, won't, isn't, aren't, wasn't, hasn't, hadn't, haven't, didn't, doesn't, don't, let's, o'clock

13] Contractions

I'd, I'll, I'm, I've, he's, she's, he'd, she'd, we're, we'll, we've, they're, they'll, they've

14] U (oul)

put, output, pull, full, bull, bully, push, bush, ambush, butcher

15] U (oul)

artful, awful, useful, woeful, handful, helpful, dreadful, doubtful, careful, cheerful, grateful, painful, peaceful, powerful, wonderful, delightful, successful, beautiful

16] oul (oul)

could, would, should, couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't

17] Long o (ou)

soul, boulder, shoulder, coulter, poultry, poultice, pour, downpour, gourd, mourn, your, you're, yourself

18] Long o (ou)

four, fourth, fourteen, court, courthouse, course, concourse, discourse, recourse, source, resource, cantaloupe, pompadour

19] Short u (ou)

young, touch, southern, country, double, trouble, couple, cousin

20] Short u (ou)

famous, dangerous, enormous, numerous, nervous, continuous, generous, tremendous, ridiculous, marvelous (marvellous*)(marvellous**), anonymous, disastrous, jealous, vigorous, ambiguous, fabulous, hazardous

21] ou (oo)

you, youth, you'll, soup, group, troupe, coupe, coup, coupon, crouton, couth, cougar, coulee, couture, acoustic, couscous, mousse

22] ou (oo)

rouge, route, wound, tour, detour, contour, tourism, tourist, toucan, goulash, bayou, caribou, boulevard

23] ui (oo)

suit, suitor, suitcase, suitable, swimsuit, pursuit, lawsuit, fruit, fruitful, bruise, cruise, juice, juicy, recruit, sluice, nuisance

24] Ph (f)

phone, earphones, saxophone, telephone, triumph, trophy, Joseph, elephant, pamphlet, sphinx, pharaoh, phantom, pheasant, phoenix, nymph, morph, orphan, dolphin, typhoon, emphasize (emphasise*)

25] Ph(f)

sphere, atmosphere, sophomore, sapphire, aphid, glyph, phlegm, physics, physicist, physical, photo, graph, photograph, photocopy, autograph, geography, biography, philosophy, pharmacy, phenomenal, phase

26] Ph (f)

phrase, alpha, alphabet, phoneme, phonemic, phonetic, phonics, phonology, homophone, diphthong, grapheme, digraph, paragraph, homograph, hyphen, metaphor

27] Long e (i)

trio, patio, period, million, kiosk, polio, audio, radio, studio, portfolio, Ontario, tapioca, warrior, physiology, idiom, sodium, stadium, medium, premium, calcium, aquarium, millennium

28] Long e (i)

piano, media, trivia, Maria, India, criteria, bacteria, Victoria, Australia, phobia, amphibian, serial, burial, memorial, industrial, imperial, material, celiac, courtier, audience, experience

29] Long e (i) - foreign words ending in 'i'.

ski, kiwi, Fiji, khaki, bikini, confetti, graffiti, pepperoni, salami, safari, souvlaki, teriyaki, tandoori, broccoli, macaroni, tsunami

30] Long e (i_e)

police, naive, elite, petite, pristine, routine, vaccine, sardine, marine, submarine, magazine, gasoline, automobile

31] ear (er)

earl, pearl, earldom, early, dearth, earth, earthy, earthly, earthen, earthquake

32] ear (er)

earn, earnest, learn, yearn, heard, unheard, overheard, search, research, hearse, rehearse, rehearsal

33] wor (wer)

word, reword, buzzword, foreword, work, artwork, network, teamwork, overwork, homework, handiwork, fireworks, clockwork, workshop, workforce

34] wor (wer)

worm, silkworm, bookworm, earthworm, worry, worse, worst, worth, worthless, worthwhile, worthy, noteworthy, world, worldwide, underworld, worship

35] war (wor)

war, warp, wharf, dwarf, wart, warthog, thwart, warn, forewarn, warm, lukewarm, swarm, warmth, ward, toward (towards*), award, reward, warden, wardrobe

36] war (wor)

warren, warrant, warranty, wartime, warfare, warship, warlord, warlock, warlike, Warsaw, warble, postwar

37] quar (kwor)

quark, quart, quartz, quarry, quarrel, quartet, quarter, quarterly, quarantine

38] war (wer)

inward, outward, onward, upward, downward, forward, backward, earthward, skyward, homeward, awkward, afterward

39] war (wer)

northward, southward, eastward, westward, wayward, windward, leeward, bulwark, coward, stalwart, Dewar

40] Long e (ei)

ceiling, receipt, receive, deceive, perceive, conceive, either, neither, weir, weird, deceit, conceit, caffeine, casein, protein, seize

41] gn (n)

gnat, gnaw, gnash, gnome, gnarl, gnarled, sign, signpost, cosign, consign, ensign, resign, design, redesign, assign

42] gn (n)

align, realign, benign, campaign, impugn, cologne, lasagna (lasagne*), mignon, poignant

43] Long a (ei)

veil, vein, feint, reins, reindeer, reign, deign, feign, heir, heirloom, their, beige, sensei

44] Long a (eigh)

eight, eighty, eighteen, freight, freighter, neigh, neighbor (neighbour*) (neighbour**), weigh, weight, weighty, sleigh

45] Long u/oo (ew)

yew, ewe, ewer, dew, mildew, few, curfew, phew, nephew, new, newborn, sinew, news, newspaper, newt, Newton, renew, renewal

46] Long u/oo (ew)

stew, steward, strew, slew, shrew, shrewd, sewer, skewer, askew, pew, pewter, view, review, preview, interview

47] Long u/oo (ew)

flew, grew, brew, drew, withdrew, threw, blew, cashew, chew, eschew, chewy, crew, screw, corkscrew, jewel

48] Long u/oo (eu)

feud, feudal, sleuth, deuce, Zeus, neutral, neutron, pseudo, pseudonym, eulogy, Eugene, eucalyptus, Europe, maneuver (manoeuvre*) (manoeuvre**), pneumonia

49] ch (k)

chrome, chasm, chaos, chaotic, character, charisma, chemical, chemist, choir, chord, chorus, chloride, chlorine, chronic, chronicle, chromosome, chameleon

50] ch (k)

ache, anchor, arachnid, echo, epoch, mechanic, orchestra, school, scholar, monarch, patriarch, Bach, stomach, technical, technology, scheme, Christ, Christine, Christmas, zucchini

51] ch (sh)

chef, schwa, chute, parachute, niche, cache, mustache (moustache*) (moustache**), chic, brochure, charade, chalet, Chopin, Chicago, Michigan

52] ch (sh)

Charlotte, charlatan, crochet, machine, chateau, chiffon, chivalry, chaperone, chauffeur, chauvinist, chandelier

53] ough (uff, off, long o)

rough, tough, enough, slough, sough, clough, cough, trough, hiccough, dough, doughnut, sourdough, though, although, thorough, borough, furlough

54] ough (oo, ow, short o, ock)

lough, through, throughout, throughput, slough, bough, plough, drought, ought, sought, fought, nought, bought, brought, wrought, thought, thoughtful

* UK spelling.

** Canadian spelling.